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Opulent Festive Epicurean Basket

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Earliest Delivery : Monday, May 20, 2024

Opulent Festive Epicurean Basket, embodies an opulent assortment that promises an indulgent and sophisticated holiday experience.

Begin the celebration with the Marques de Gelida Sparkling CAVA, setting a sparkling tone for the festivities. The culinary journey continues with the exquisite Agnes B Cookies Gift Box or European Premium Pastry Gift Box, offering a delightful array of sweet treats to satisfy every palate.

For those with a penchant for decadence, the Godiva Chocolate Pretzels and Godiva Chocolate Bar create a symphony of flavors, while the France Labeyrie Smoked Salmon and European Cured Ham Gift Packages bring a touch of gourmet delight from Europe.

Savor the richness of the Davidoff Fine Aroma Café, a premium imported coffee, complementing the savory notes of the France Produit Artisanal Duck Rillettes and Olasagasti Tuna Trunk in Olive Oil. The ensemble is further elevated by the Panealba Griss Dor Biscuit, Imported Pastries, Germany Cavendish & Harvey Premium Candy, and Diablo Cookies in a random flavor, offering a diverse palette of tastes and textures.

Completing the ensemble are the charming Xmas Doll and the elegant Gift Wrapping adorned with decorated Xmas Ribbon, adding a festive touch to this luxurious collection. All these treasures are presented in a meticulously crafted Man-made Leather Rectangular Basket, enhancing the sophistication and allure of Opulent Festive Epicurean Basket, as a token of generosity and refined taste.

The Hamper includes:

• Marques de Gelida / Imported Sparkling CAVA
• Agnes B Cookies Gift Box / European Premium Pastry Gift Box
• Godiva Chocolate Pretzels / Godiva Chocolate Bar
• France Labeyrie Smoked Salmon / Europe Cured Ham Gift Package
• Spanish Fiesta Espańa / Europe Cured Ham Gift Package
• David Off Fine Aroma Café / Premium Imported Coffee
• France Produit Artisanal Duck Rillettes / Olasagasti Tuna Trunk in Olive Oil
• Panealba Griss Dor Biscuit / Imported Pastry
• Germany Cavendish & Harvey Premium Candy In Metalic Case 175g / European premium Candy
• Diablo Cookies (Random Flavor) / Imported Pastry
• Xmas Doll x 1
• Gift Wrapping with decorated Xmas Ribbon x1
• Man-made leather rectanglar basket

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