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Gourmet Majesty Divine Gift

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Earliest Delivery : Saturday, February 24, 2024

Gourmet Majesty: Divine Gift embodies an exquisite assortment that promises to enchant and delight during the holiday season.

Begin the festivities with the Marques de Gelida Imported Sparkling CAVA, setting a sparkling tone for celebration. Indulge in the luxurious Godiva Belgium Assorted Chocolates Gift Box or the enticing Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box, offering a delightful array of flavors to savor.

The decadent treats continue with the Godiva Truffle Chocolate Tall Pack, Godiva Chocolate Gift Box, Godiva Chocolate Pretzels, and Godiva Chocolate Bar, promising a symphony of rich, indulgent flavors.

Savor the European delights of Belgium Chocolate Seashells and Spanish Finca La Rosala Nuts, offering a blend of chocolatey sweetness and savory nuttiness. For tea enthusiasts, the England M5 Tea Adventure Gift Box offers a journey through premium imported teas, perfect for cozy holiday moments.

Completing the ensemble is an endearing Xmas Doll and the charm of Gift Wrapping adorned with decorated Xmas Ribbon, adding a festive touch. All these treasures are beautifully presented in a Brown Hand-Knitted Gift Basket (Style May Vary), exuding warmth and elegance, and making Gourmet Majesty: Divine Gift a delightful expression of holiday cheer and generosity.

The Hamper includes:

Marques de Gelida / Imported Sparkling CAVA
Godiva Belgium Assorted Chocolates Gift Box /Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box
Godiva Truffle Chocolate Tall Pack / Godiva Chocolate Gift Box
Godiva Chocolate Pretzels / Godiva Chocolate Bar
Belgium Chocolate Seashells / European Chocolate
Spanish Finca La Rosala Nuts / European Premium Nuts
England M5 Tea Adventure Gift Box / Premium Imported Tea
Xmas Doll x 1
Gift Wrapping with decorated Xmas Ribbon x1
Brown Hand-Knitted Gift Basket (Style May Vary)

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